"Stay strong, stay positive and focus on the perfect outcome"
Jacob Hagen-Johnson

July 25th, 2013

We hope that the summer is bringing everyone joy and happiness. Thank you to everyone for sending positive and loving thoughts in Jacob's honour on his birthday yesterday.

We would also like to thank everyone for supporting Gabriel's Goal and the Smith Family. We have posted an update summarizing Gabriel's journey that can be found on Gabriel's page. We continue to think healthy happy thoughts for Gabriel:)

A new chapter in Jacob's Story has begun. A week and a half ago a sweet, loving 4 year old girl named Desiray was diagnosed with A.L.L leukemia. In the next couple of days please check out the Jacob Story Website to help support and follow Desiray's Journey.

In love and light xo

April 1, 2012

We have now added a guestbook for Gabriel Smith on our website. Show your support and share an encouraging word for Gabriel and his family by leaving a message!

Follow the link below: www.jacobsstory.ca/jacobstory_gabesgoal.html

Thank you for your continued support, Jacob's Story

March 27th, 2012

Hi Everyone,

The Hagen-Johnson family was very blessed to have the emotional and spiritual support of our community and groups from around the world. At this time we would again like to leverage our group of resources to help support Gabriel Smith and his family to reach his goal.

During Jacob's treatment we found that it was helpful to provide specific outcomes and goals that we were visualizing and praying for to help focus the energy of all of you who were following and supporting our family.
Gabriel's family has created a wonderful list of goals that will help us all focus our energy towards a positive outcome. Please focus your prayers and energy on the following...
• Successful Bone Marrow Transplant and Recovery in Post-transplant.
• Gabriel's new Bone Marrow recovers quickly.
• Protection from Infections while Gabriel's immune system is completely compromised post-transplant.
• Protection over Gabriel's sisters so they remain infection free.
• Protection over Gabriel's Grandpa and Grandma Bender and Grandpa and Grandma Smith so they remain infection free while they care for his sisters at Ronald McDonald House.
• That the Smith family will be financially okay during this journey.
• Peace and strength for Mike and Tina.
• Please pray that Gabriel's organs will be protected from chemo and radiation.
• We are told that Gabriel will be 99% percent infertile after he receives full body radiation in preparation for this transplant ... I would like to begin praying that through God's healing power that this will not be true for Gabriel.
• Gabriel's body does not reject this transplant and he does not get any diseases or future diseases from this transplant.

We will be adding a Guestbook to Gabriel's chapter this week so our friends and community can show their support and provide positive encouragement.

Love and Light,
Bill and Jess

January 28th, 2012

We would like to start out this blog wishing everyone a happy, healthy and positive 2012 from Jacob's Story.

We had a successful year fundraising along with some amazing donations in 2011. The dance in June was a success, as well as the Canada Post BBQ and a big thank you to Randy Thompson for organizing the 2nd annual Golf tournament in August. Speedy Glass also had a car washing fundraiser and generously donated all the proceeds to Jacob's Story . Northdale Public school continues to be a huge supporter of Jacob's Story and the students proudly wor-e their Jacob Story t-shirts at a few of the schools sporting events. We are very honored to have Jacob's Story to be the charity of choice for St. Joseph's school in Thamesford. The school held two fantastic fundraisers in 2011. Thamesford's 4-H life skills club also made a generous donation to help support Jacob's Story. Our goal with the power of positivity is to empower communities to come together to help support families with a child challenged with a life threatening illness. Jacobs Story offers a road map designed to build emotional and financial support in the community focused on the well - being of the child and his or her family.

With the help of all of this amazing fundraising we now have a great base to help support other families and set up fundraisers within their communities. The next Chapter in Jacob's Story has begun... We have a family in our own community with a child that was just given the news right before Christmas that his cancer has relapsed. Gabriel Smith is six years old and was to be finished his treatment protocol in June 2012 for his diagnosis with Leukemia when he was three. It was through a routine check up in mid December when they were given the news that the cancer had returned. Gabriel and his parents, Tina and Mike Smith along with their two other children have another long road ahead of them. Being too familiar with what they have to face again must be very overwhelming. Jacobs Story is committed to support Gabriel and his family both financially and emotionally. A food tiding website has been set up to help the family out with meals. Please navigate to the chapters area to follow Gabriel's Goal. On Gabriel's page you will find updates through his parents blogs, Jacob's Story activities to support the Smith Family and avenues for community support. Together as a community we can help the Smith family go through this journey with support, love and positivity. Thank you so much for your continued caring support.

August 11, 2011

We would like to start the blog off with a huge thank you to everyone who supported the 2nd annual Jacob Story Dance. We had a wonderful turn out and it is so great to feel the positivity and love behind everyone's support.

It is really hard to believe that it has almost been a year since Jacob died. So much has happened in a year and not a day goes by where we don't feel his love, strength and inspiration. It is through these emotions that inspire us to help others in the same situation. Things are rolling with registering our foundation and in the meantime we continue to fundraise for Jacob's Story.

Our next fundraising event is the second annual Jacob Story Golf Tournament.

Saturday August 27, 2011 3:00pm shotgun at the Woodstock Meadows Golf Centre.

For more information or to register please email randy.thompson@live.ca or robbihagen@hotmail.com

Thank you for your continued support.

In love and light,
Jess and Bill

March 9, 2011

We want to start off by thanking everyone for the continued support through our guestbook. For those of you that don't already know, we would like to announce the birth of our 6th child. Jack Alexander was born on Monday February the 14th 2011. We feel so blessed an honoured to have another beautiful, healthy boy. What a perfect day for a birthday- Valentines Day. The day of hearts and love!!
B It is really hard to believe that this is the month Jacob was diagnosed last year. Sometimes it is really hard to wrap our heads around everything that has happened in the past year but as Jacob was so good at doing, we try to focus on the positives and recognize the mini miracles in each day. We are so excited to focus on the foundation and to have the ability to help other families.

All of the paper work has been submitted for the foundation and now we wait for everything to be processed. In the meantime we are going to continue with some Jacob Story events. We are looking at the month of May for the 1st anniversary of the Jacob Story dance. Please continue to check the website for all of the details.

We look forward to the spring and most of all the sunny days ahead!!

In love and light,
Jess and Bill

November 29, 2010

We would like to start off by thanking everyone for continuing to check the website. A lot has gone on in the past six weeks. We took an amazing, magical trip to Disney World with the four children, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Flicky. This trip was a chance for us to get away, honour and celebrate the life of Jacob. The physical loss of Jacob really seemed to set in when we returned home. We all have our really sad days but know that it is ok to feel what we need to feel. It is heart warming to know that Jacob's spirit has and is continuing to go on but we all know that it is still important to grieve. Bill has now returned to work full time and that too has been an adjustment. Everyone seems to have adapted to this new change and we are now at a point of focusing our time and energy on to Jacob's Story.

We are a few more steps further in the process of making Jacob's Story a registered charity. Our goal with the power of positivity is to empower communities to come together to help support families with a child challenged with a life threatening illness. Jacob's Story Foundation offers a roadmap designed to build emotional and financial support in the community focused on the well-being of the child and his or her family. We are proud to announce the Board of Directors and committee.

Board of Directors- Steve Hunt, Paul Chambers, Lisa Kerr, Christine Rowell-Dopf

Committee Members:
Sarah Brunger (Fundraising Co-ordinator ), Melanie Davis (Volunteer Co-ordinator), Elke Giroux (Marketing/Sponsorship Co-ordinator), Adam Hagen (Community and Media Co-ordinator), Nancy Chambers (Merchandise Co-ordinator ), Jenny Harmer (Website and Publishing Co-ordinator), Justin Davis (Research and Trends Co-ordinator), Ryan Bragg, Nelia Hunt, Brian Giroux, Karen Johnson, Bill Johnson, Pam Hagen, Rob Hagen, Eric Dopf.

Please continue to follow the website and join us in spreading the positivity and love of Jacob's Story.

In love and light,
Jess and Bill


October 8, 2010

It has now been a month since Jacob earned his wings. We want to thank everyone for participating in Jacob's amazing celebration of life. What a fantastic experience to feel so much love and support in one big room. What a perfect way to remember an amazing, inspirational, loving 11year old boy. Jacob would be so honoured to see everyone take part in such a special day.

A few weeks before Jacob crossed over we found out that we are expecting our 6th child. There are so many miracles and blessings in life and we have learned to be thankful and grateful for each one. Everything happens for a reason and Jacob was over the moon and very excited to find out this wonderful news. We are thrilled to bring another Hagen-Johnson in to the world.

We feel so blessed and are very thankful for all of the support and positivity throughout this journey. Our family, friends, community and people we don't even know have reached out in so many ways. Our family is so grateful for everything everyone has done for us.

As mentioned before we are in the process of setting up a registered charity for Jacob's Story to help families in similar situations. Our goal is to continue to raise funds to help families that have a child with a life threatening illness financially, emotionally and spiritually. Our inspiring work has already started, we have been able to assist a family who also had a child with AML and was going through the journey for a much longer time period. This gave us such an uplifting feeling to know that we could help in some way and the family was very grateful. For those of you that don't know there is currently another community member facing a challenge with cancer. His name is Mitch Poirier and there are several community events being held over the next couple of months to help the family raise funds for his treatment in Arizona. Please check out his website at www.mitchsjourney.com to see how you to can reach out to help the family.

We thank you for continuing to follow Jacob's Story website and help us continue the many more amazing chapters to come.

Always, in love and light,

Jess and Bill


If you would like to be notified when there has been updates to Jacob's Story, please visit the update page and submit your email to the Jacob's Story Mailing List.


Celebration of Life
September 2nd, 2010
3:00pm - 6:00pm - hugs, smiles and mingle with family
7:00pm - 8:00pm - Celebration of Life

The Hagen Johnson's have planned a celebration of Jacob's life on Thursday September 2, 2010 at the Oxford Auditorium. There will be hugs, smiles and a chance to visit with the family from 3:00 - 6:00pm. Jacob's celebration of life including performances, slide presentations and a few words from his family will be from 7:00-8:00pm. We ask for everyone to come and join us in celebrating Jacob's life and spirit along with some of his favourite treats. Please dress in casual attire and wear bright colours in Jacob's honour.

As a request from Jacob we would like to continue “Jacob's Story” to help other families emotionally, spiritually and financially as they face similar challenges in life. We envision our family spreading Jacob's amazing energy for years to come and using his memory to help support yearly fundraising activities. Our intentions over the next few months will be to make donations on Jacob's behalf to the many organizations that have helped our family through this challenging time. Organizations such as POGO, Childcan and community groups that were a large part of Jacob's life will be considered. We are still accepting donations through Jacob's website www.jacobsstory.ca and expect that this amazing website will continue to grow along with Jacob's memory. In closing we ask that everyone give love, embrace love and feel the power of love on a daily basis.
Thank you Jacob!

Today August 24th at 1:30pm Jacob's amazing spirit made a choice to leave his weak body and enter into pure divine white light. Bill and I were both with him during his transition and the best way to describe our feelings was absolute peace. The staff at Sick Kids were amazing and we are both so thankful for their care and support. We are so blessed and honoured to have had 11 amazing years with Jacob. We have learned more from him in the last 5 months then we have in our lifetime. The positive loving affect he has had on so many people is amazing.

We will be having a huge celebration of life in Jacob's honour. We will post the details as soon as they are firmed up. We had a chat with Jacob regarding Jacob's story and he felt he would like it to continue on to help other families. So, another chapter has finished and only more amazing chapters to come all in the honour of a fantastic, amazing, inspirational young man.

Thank you to everyone and most importantly thank you Jacob.

In love and light,
Jess and Bill

August 18, 2010

Hi everybody!! It's me Jacob

I haven't been up to writing in a long time but today I thought I would give a quick update. I have been feeling tired, weak and pretty icky the last few days other then that I have been feeling pretty good. I have also been really thirsty and drinking lots of water.
The most recent echo has shown my heart function has increased 10%. The doctors say that 10% is pretty much the same as what it was, I think 10% is pretty good. I like to focus on the positive no matter how big or small. My feeling is it is not always about what the numbers say but how I feel.

I still have to wear my c pap mask at night when I'm sleeping, but for the last three days I have not had to wear anything during the day and my oxygen stats have been 100%. Another positive!!!

My eyelashes, eyebrows and hair have started to grow back and it is coming in really dark just like my Dad's.

I want to thank everyone for all of their prayers, positive thoughts and all of the awesome fundraising events. It has all been very helpful and I am thankful.

Until next time, Peace Out

August 7, 2010

Jacob has had a busy week! On Tuesday his scheduled procedures were re-structured due to an increase of the fluid around his heart. The fluid constricts the movement of the heart so it was necessary to remove the excess and insert a temporary drain. The bone marrow aspirate was performed at the same time but his dialysis line was not moved as we posted earlier.

Today we learned that Jacob's leukemia blast count is still at 0%, the fluid around his heart has been reduced but the heart function is still very weak. We pray that over time Jacob's heart will recover enough so that he may continue with his treatment.

Love and Light,
Bill and Jess

August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010 Happy August long weekend everyone!!!

Well Jacob's birthday was a success with a visit from his sisters, a bunch of gifts and an amazing video of birthday wishes. Jacob was pretty excited about his new iPad but most importantly having his plasma and Xbox hooked-up in his room again. Add in a wicked media system from Baese and we're hooked-up with a ton of movies and television shows to keep us busy.

Jacob has been feeling pretty tired for the past few days but his spirits are better than can be expected and he still cracks a smile or breaks out a laugh like always. Jacob is really tired of all the lines and connections he has on the go but on Tuesday he will have a different dialysis line installed along with a bone marrow aspirate. The new line will allow Jacob to get-up and move around a bit more and the aspirate will indicate if Jacob's Leukemia is still at 0%. Fingers crossed!!!

As mentioned in the last blog Jacob's heart function has stabilized over the past 2 weeks allowing the cardiac team flexibility to adjust some of his medications slightly. The dialysis has also been running more consistently removing the unwanted elements from his blood and maintaining a proper fluid balance in the body. Jacob is also now able to eat and drink what he wants which has eased his level of frustration and discomfort. Milkshakes, Dr. Pepper, ice-tea, fruit and Pringles have been Jacob's favourites so far.

Jacobs Dr's commonly refer to his organ issues as heart and kidney failure. This does not mean that the organs have completely quit working but are not functioning at a normal level. There has been some debate whether Jacob's heart and kidney function will recover adequately enough to support him without medication and dialysis. The debate is understandable looking at the data today however there is very little history regarding the cocktail that Jacob was prescribed to eliminate his Leukemia and how his organs are expected to behave. Jacob still claims his truth that a full recovery is on the horizon and he will continue the journey until the blueprint for his life has been fulfilled. We also claim this truth and will continue to support Jacob's recovery to the fullest of our spiritual, physical and emotional abilities. We are thankful for everyone who continues along side of us!

Love and Light,
Bill and Jess

July 22, 2010

Jacob has now been in Toronto for over a week. Jacob is still feeling pretty worn out and tired but his positivity, light and great manners still shine bright. His heart function deteriorated a few days after we arrived but the echo on Wednesday showed no change. This is a positive for the fact that it didn't deteriorate any further. Jacob is also receiving dialysis for his kidney function. The dialysis will assist his kidneys to rid the toxic waste from his blood. So far everything is going well. We feel now with rest, time, prayer, positive thoughts and the fabulous care he is receiving Jacob is headed in the right direction.

We want to thank everyone in London for all of their exceptional care. We spent the last four months there and it felt like one big family. To all of the D7 100 nurses, Doctors, Coordinators, Directors, Med students, Porters, Diagnostic Technicians, Transport Team, PSA's and the PCCU team please know what a positive impact you have had on Jacobs healing process and what a huge part you were in that chapter of Jacob's story. We are now in a new chapter and so far the care has been fantastic. This new group in Toronto are now blessed with Jacob and all of his love and light.

Jacob's 11th birthday is on Saturday. Let's all celebrate Jacob's birthday together with positive thoughts and visualizing a re-birth of new healthy cells, a strong healthy heart, perfect kidneys and 100 % healthy again.

Thank you for your continued support.

In love and Light,
Jess and Bill

July 16, 2010

Jacob had a very adventurous Tuesday! The afternoon ended with an ambulance ride to London airport, a helicopter ride from London to Toronto Island, a ferry ride across the harbour and another ambulance ride to Toronto Sick-Kid's. What a journey!!!

Jacob has been moved to Toronto because his heart function has dipped slightly and Sick-Kid's is more equipped to treat his challenges considering his future bone marrow transplant. Jacob's heart is not squeezing as strongly as before and his heart rate is quite fast at the moment. Typically one of these issues causes the other but targeting which function initiated the problem is the real challenge for determining the course of treatment. When the treatment has been decided Jacob's recovery is expected to be measured and gradual.

Overall, Jacob is feeling pretty crummy and is experiencing some pain and discomfort from inactivity, occasional fevers and swelling. His water intake has been restricted so he's struggling with a thirst that can't be quenched and a very dry throat. Although Jacob's body, mind and spirit are weary it's very remarkable that he has managed for 17 weeks with the strength and resolve of a superhero.

As we enter this next chapter of Jacob's Story, please continue with the healing energy, positive thoughts and prayers. As a collective energy we will continue to assist with Jacob's healing through this part of his journey.

Love and Light,
Bill and Jess

July 7, 2010

Tuesday we received some very positive news regarding Jacob's treatment! After a morning bone marrow aspirate, we've learned that Jacob's bone marrow is empty and clear of leukemia blasts! This is a good first step towards remission and eventually Toronto for transplant. Jacob will have another aspirate in a week or two to determine if his good marrow is regenerating and the leukemia blasts are still below 5%. Although we want to be off to Toronto as soon as possible the time between tests will allow Jacob's heart, kidney and lungs a chance to heal.

For the past week Jacob has been in PCCU (Paediatric Critical Care Unit) for assistance with his breathing and to monitor his heart activity more closely. Jacob's organs have been working overtime and were showing some signs of fatigue. He was labouring to breath and retaining fluid which highlighted that his heart was not working efficiently to distribute oxygen to the body. Throughout the past week Jacob's vitals have been up and down while the medical team fine tuned his medications. Through the night and this morning Jacob's blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels have been fantastic. We have been focusing on these parameters within our prayers and visualizations for the past week and will continue throughout his journey.

0% Leukemia
Healthy blood pressure of 105 / 60
Healthy heart-rate of 80-110
Healthy blood oxygen level of 100%
Healthy heart function
Healthy kidney function
Long healthy future

Stay strong, stay positive and focus on the perfect outcome. Jacob does...

Love and Light,
Bill and Jess

June 29, 2010

Jacob was scheduled to go for his bone marrow aspiration today but the doctors have decided to put it on hold for another week. Like we mentioned in the previous blog this round of chemo has really hit Jacob hard. One of the biggest side effects of the chemo is the affect it has on the kidneys. Since Jacob's kidneys aren't functioning properly he is retaining fluid throughout his body and it pushes on his lungs. This makes it more difficult for his breathing so he is now on oxygen. The doctors feel it would be safer to do the bone marrow aspirate when his kidneys have healed and his oxygen levels are up. We feel this is a good thing and more time for perfect results.

It's funny how things work out. We all know how Jacob loves being put to sleep for the bone marrow testing. When he woke up this morning he got sick to his stomach and he looked at me and said mom I really don't feel like doing the bone marrow test today....minutes after the team of doctors walked in and said we have decided not to go ahead with the test today. Everything happens for a reason and we trust that this is the best decision.

Jacob has had a pretty quiet week. He is in bed sleeping most of the time just giving his body the time to heal. When he is awake all he feels like doing is watching TV. A very special visitor named Leo and his friend Naif came to visit him last week. Leo is a very kind man with a huge heart that has a passion for reaching out to kids with cancer. They bought Jacob his own 42 inch flat screen plasma for his room. Jacob was so excited and thankful for the TV he gets to keep when he leaves. This has made it a lot easier to watch TV, world cup soccer and tons of movies. Thank you Leo!!

Please continue to pray and visualize Jacob cancer free with healthy kidneys. Thank you.

In love and light,
Jess and Bill

June 17, 2010

We would like to start this blog off with a heartfelt thank you to everyone for their assistance in the prayer and positive thinking evening last Thursday. It was amazing to see the amount of people who participated in this evening. The collective energy was felt by Jacob and the rest of us in the room. We are so touched that people could join in and participate in whatever way made them feel comfortable. Prayer, positive thought and visualization can all go a very long way. It is all very helpful in Jacob's healing process.

Jacob just finished his fourth round of chemo on Saturday. Sunday he started to feel really crummy. He is in a lot of pain; he has had a constant fever and a rash all over his body. He has been sent for ultra sounds, x-rays and a CT scan to make sure that everything is still functioning o.k. The nurses are all very hopeful that the fact he is feeling so awful means that it has cleared the rest of the Leukemia out of his bone marrow. We too are claiming this as our truth. We are so thankful that he has not had to feel like this for the past 12 weeks. In his most uncomfortable state Jacob is still his kind, compassionate, loving self. He still thanks every nurse and doctor that walks in and he still continues to find the positive in every situation.

He is a true inspiration and we are so blessed to have him in our lives. We thank you all for your continued prayer and positive thoughts.

His next bone marrow test will be in two weeks.

In love and light,

Jess and Bill

June 9, 2010

Jacob's next step in his journey was to go to Toronto under a clinical trial. The clinical trial has now been closed. His Oncologist has contacted a children's hospital in Memphis and Jacob does qualify to go under one of their trials. The London hospital has approved to try one of the chemo therapy drugs from that clinical trial to administer in London. Jacob had another bone marrow aspirate yesterday and the Leukemia count is down to 25%. His fourth round of Chemo also started yesterday and he will be on for 5 days and then another two weeks of rest before his next bone marrow aspiration.

We thank you for your continued prayer and positive thinking. We look forward to everyone joining us in prayer and positive thought between 7 and 9 tomorrow evening.

In love and light

On Thursday June 10th, the Hagen-Johnson family and various groups will be surrounding Jacob at the hospital in a healing prayer circle where we will be focusing our positive energy and healing thoughts towards Jacob's healing process.

We ask all of you at 7:30pm from wherever you are across the world to join us in our collective healing circle.
Any prayer, positive thought, sending of white light or whatever form you choose in visualizing Jacob 100% healthy will have a great impact on his healing.

Here are a list of positive affirmations:
-We are thankful and grateful that Jacob now has 0% leukemia in his bone marrow.
-We are thankful and grateful that Jacob is 100% healthy
-We are thankful and grateful that Jacob is cancer free
-We are thankful and grateful that Jacob is divinely protected
-We are thankful and grateful that Jacob is healed inside and out
-We are thankful and grateful that Jacob is in remission now and forever
-We are thankful and grateful that we claim in our truth, Jacob is healed

We thank everyone for your continued support. We truly believe all these positive thoughts, prayers and visualizations will heal him.

Jacob's Blog - June 2, 2010

Yo yo yo! It's me Jacob!!!

Today when I woke up my dad told me that there was still 35% of the leukemia blast in my bone marrow. I'm feeling disappointed that my bone marrow wasn't empty and my back is really sore from the bone marrow aspirate and biopsy procedure I had yesterday. My doctors are now trying to get me into a clinical trial in Toronto as soon as possible. It's crappy that my treatment is going to be longer but as long as it gets the job done then it's not a big deal.

Yesterday my mom and dad went to the mall to buy me some sick, wicked and nasty new kicks and a few new outfits. The stuff they pick-out was awesome! On the weekend I had a sleep-over with my nanny. We played chess, watched movies and we went outside to see one of the London Police K9 teams. The dogs name was Chase and he was from the Czech Republic. Chase was very fast, smart and good at following commands. Tonight uncle Flicky is staying over and I'm looking forward to joking around, having some fun and staying up late!

Well, I had better rest up for tonight!
Peace out,

Blog - May 20, 2010

Jacob has sailed through another round of chemo with few side effects drawing on his strength and amazing positive outlook. We are very fortunate for the care and support we have received from the hospital staff over the past 8 weeks. From, the friendly PSA's, the managers who have been open to our concerns, the doctors who direct the treatment and keep us well informed and the fun and loving nurses who provide care 24/7. We are very thankful and appreciative for all the care and love we are receiving.

The community of Woodstock has been absolutely incredible. We feel very proud to say Woodstock is our home. There have been numerous fundraisers over the past 8 weeks to help support us through Jacob's journey. These events are helping us financially through this time but most importantly helping Jacob with all of the positive thoughts, prayers and energy.

We are not only thankful to our community but to all of our family and friends. We are so blessed to be surrounded with such amazing full of light human beings. Together as a collective energy we can continue to send Jacob healthy positive thoughts and visualize a 100% healthy perfect outcome.

For those of you that don't know, the rings in the Jacob's Story logo signify Jacob's passion for his favourite gymnastics event. As coach Gord once put it "Jacob is the lord of the rings"! To master a routine on the rings it requires great strength, focus and agility. These are qualities that Jacob embodies in every aspect of his life. We ask you again to visualize Jacob, healthy, Leukemia free and swinging on those rings.

Love and Light,
Bill & Jess

Jacob's Blog - May 12, 2010

Hi, my name is... What? My name is... Who? My name is Jaybobio!!!

It's been a little while since my last blogski. Here's an update... I had to change rooms for a few days so that a boy from Winnipeg could have my room for a special treatment. I was disappointed that I needed to leave my room but obviously the other boy needed it more than I did. It really wasn't too bad.

I had another bone marrow aspirate yesterday and a bone biopsy as well. The results were very similar to the last test so I will be starting another round of chemo on Friday. I'm not looking forward to starting another round of chemo. Sometimes I feel yucky when the chemo starts and it's not much fun.

I really miss having a shower!

I'm feeling a little tired and sore today from the bone biopsy but I'm happy. My appetite is normal today and I feel like eating tri-coloured cheese filled pasta!

I am looking forward to a visit from my uncle Brandon and my cousin Spencer on Saturday. We're going to game it up!!!

Peace out,

Jacob's Blog - May 4, 2010

I just finished my second round of chemo this past Saturday and have started my two weeks of rest. This week I have lots of energy and I finally feel back to normal. I am now finished with even trying the hospital food; thank goodness East Side Mario's is right across the street.

This past weekend my Aunt Sarah brought some plastic bones from Halloween along with some sharpie markers so we could design my healthy, happy bones. The bones are hanging from my ceiling to visualize them 100% healthy again. I'm really enjoying everyone's bone pictures on my website.

Today I am working on my bravery bead necklace. I get to collect beads for everything that happens to me while I am in here. For example; I get a bead for every time I receive chemo, blood transfusions, bone marrow aspirations, needle pokes, every good day, bad day etc. I have already collected over 100 beads for my necklace. What a great way to remember this chapter of my Story.

I want everyone to know how much I appreciate everything you are doing for me. Thank you sooooo much!!!

Peace Out,

April 27, 2010 – Blog

Jacob had his second bone aspiration on Friday. This time Jacob didn't wake up singing a song, instead he was dreaming that he was playing the x-box. He also woke up to Emma standing over him; his first words to her were “Emma that was soooo cool.” This helped put Emma's mind at ease. As always Jacob is concerned as to how his siblings are feeling.

The bone marrow aspiration was to determine the effect the first round of chemo had on his bone marrow. The results showed that 20% of Jacob's healthy cells recovered but unfortunately 80% of the Leukemia cells also recovered. The doctors decided to start his second round of chemo earlier than normal. If this round does not keep the Leukemia from recovering then the next step would be to use stronger agents. The goal is to see Jacob's bone marrow go into remission to enable him to go to Toronto for the bone marrow transplant.

This is the first time Jacob has felt crummy. A couple of days of rest and Jacob's spirits and positivity are as strong as ever. In our family we truly believe in the power of visualization, the concept of picturing and focusing on the desired outcome. So yesterday Jacob, Billy and I drew some pictures of Jacob's bones and filled them with happy, healthy and loving bone marrow. We hung the pictures beside and behind Jacob's bed, focusing on the desired outcome of remission in his bone marrow.

Next time you think of Jacob please picture his bones with happy, healthy and loving marrow. If you're inspired to draw a picture, go for it. We are thankful for the continued prayer and the surrounding of healing white light. The support and commitment from strangers, friends and family has been amazing so far. We truly gain strength daily from your efforts and look forward to the increasing support for our journey.

Jacob's Blog April 22, 2010

Hey everybody, it's Jacob!!!

Today was pretty exciting. The day started off with my mom bringing me the new Avatar movie. My dad and I watched it and it was awesome. Something else pretty cool happened today. We looked out my window and noticed an orange Lamborghini in the parking lot and we decided to go outside and take a look at it. It was really low and the inside had black and orange leather interior. I wish the owner was there to rev the engine for me. I'll put some pictures on the website.

Friday I'm having two procedures that I need to be put to sleep for. I'm looking forward to being put out again. I'll post an update on the weekend.

Peace out,

Jacob's Blog April 20, 2010

Hey everybody, it's Jacob!!!

Today physically I am feeling normal, and I have quite a bit of energy. I just got back from my second heart ultrasound. It was pretty cool to watch my heart pumping up on a screen.

I am really thankful for my new web cam. Yesterday I got to see and talk to my whole class, it was pretty sweet. On Thursday my teacher Ms. Houston will be using the web cam to show me some dances that a few small groups in the class made up. That should be interesting!!

It's pretty exciting that two of my sisters are a perfect match for my bone marrow transplant!! I think it's special that one of them is going to help me. I wonder if I will get some of their spunk.

The next big thing planned for the week is another bone marrow aspiration. I'm excited to be put to sleep again. I wonder what I will wake up singing this time.

Peace Out,

April 16, 2010

Today we have some great news to share with everyone!

We just received the initial genetic results from the HLA typing of our immediate family. Both Emma and Hilary are 10 point genetic matches with Jacob and are potential bone marrow donors!!! There will be further analysis to verify the results and determine the best donor for Jacob but we're feeling very blessed and energized with this amazing news.

Love and Light,
The Hagen-Johnson Family

Jacob's Blog April 15, 2010

Today I was feeling frustrated because my hair started falling out. I was surprised that my hair was coming off in chunks really easily. The hair was getting all over my pillows, my clothes and was making a really big mess so I decided to get it all shaved off. My dad took a few pictures so I could use the camera as a mirror to see the wacky hairdos he was creating. I like how my head feels spiky when I rub it but my head gets cold sometimes so I put on my toque to keep warm.

I want to wish my sister Emma a Happy Birthday tomorrow and wish her good luck at her dance competition on the weekend.

Peace out,


Jacob's Blog April 13, 2010

Hey, it's me Jacob again!!!
The last few days have been pretty interesting. I received some blood and some platelets to help with my cell counts but I'm feeling pretty normal. I am feeling a little tired today but I'm happy and my appetite is strong. Breakfast has been okay lately but the rest of the meals still aren't that awesome.

I've watched a few disks from the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy, looked around on the iTunes store for downloads and strummed my new guitar a few times. You better watch-out Slash because here comes the next Hendrix!!!!

I washed my hair with this cool shampoo that NASA uses. I just rub it in my hair without water and it feels just like when I wash my hair in the shower. A quick wipe with the towel and I'm squeaky clean.

Well until next time...

Peace out,

Jacob's Blog April 11, 2010

Hey everybody, it's Jacob!
I just remembered that I have math homework due tomorrow. Can you believe that I have to do homework here? I think the hospital food is punishment enough? Although, the food today was a 6 out of 10 on the yumminess scale and the snacks were a 10 out of 10 as usual.

Today I was feeling kind of lazy but physically I was feeling normal. I had a lot of fun today with all of my visitors playing X-Box, DS and laughing at the strange sounds that my rubber mattress makes when powerful shockwaves of hot air are squeezed through the cracks. Thanks uncle Flicky for all of the pointers!

I want to thank everyone that has helped me and my family over that past 3 weeks. I really appreciate all of the support and especially enjoy the messages and emails I have been receiving. Keep them coming!!!

Peace out,

April 9, 2010

It is hard to believe that Jacob has already been in the hospital for two and a half weeks. This chapter in Jacob's story all began on Tuesday March 23rd 2010 when Dr. Nichols office called me at work and asked that both Bill and I come in to go over Jacob's blood results. When we arrived it was then that we found out that Jacob had Leukemia. The reaction I had was one I never imagined having, as everyone knows what a worrier I am. When I heard the news my initial reaction was an overwhelming sense of strength and love. Of course we all had some scary and fearful feelings but right from the beginning we made a choice to concentrate our energy and thoughts in a positive, healing and loving manner. Dr. Nichols sent us to London right away and told us to pack a bag as Jacob will be admitted. Bill and I are so blessed to have Dr. Nichols as our doctor. He made sure he did a thorough check on Jacob and he got us to the best place as quickly as he could. Many people here at the London Health Sciences Centre have said how lucky we are to have such a great Doctor.

Jacob has already been through quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. His first procedure was a bone marrow biopsy. A sample of his bone marrow was taken out of his back and sent off to determine the risk level his leukemia was at. Jacob was impressed with his first experience of being put to sleep. With a guided visualization Jacob was at ease falling asleep and the first thing he said when he woke up was "That was really cool, I could do that again." He then proceeded to say that he had a few tunes in his head and started singing out loud, so I sang out loud with him. The nurses were well entertained.

The next procedure Jacob had was to insert the Double Hickman line. The Double Hickman allows the nurses to administer his chemo therapy in one port and draw blood from the other. Jacob had a little harder time after this procedure as he was in more pain. The great part that Jacob likes about having the Double Hickman is that he rarely has to be poked like a pin cushion to test his blood.

Jacob has already received his first 10 day round of chemo. Everything went well and so far no side effects. He is looking forward to the two weeks of rest before his 2nd of three rounds of treatment.

Jacob's strength is amazing and his positive attitude is so uplifting. We all know that Jacob is wise beyond his years and it is pretty incredible to see the difference he is making in people's lives. It has been delightful to see the doctors and nurses positive reactions when their dealing with Jacob.

Jacob's four siblings, Bill and I had our blood taken yesterday to see if one of us is a match for the bone marrow transplant. We will find out the results in three weeks. We were also told the results of the bone marrow biopsy yesterday. Jacob's Leukemia falls in the category that will require the bone marrow transplant. Wow, all the more reason to increase the love, prayer, and healing light work. Jacob's response to this news was "I know in my body, mind and heart that I will be 100% healthy again and whatever needs to be done I will do" Amazing.

We ask and thank everyone to continue to pray and surround Jacob with healing white light. It is such a wonderful feeling to have so much love and support around us during this part of Jacob's Story. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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